Question: What is the typical class size for On Base Leadership sessions?

Answer: The classes size will vary from 18 to 25 students for all of the published and listed courses. For individual organizational training that we may customize that depends of the needs of the customer and their staff's size.

Question: At On Base Leadership Training are the classes interactive or is there mostly lecturing and the student just takes notes?

Answer: Active dialog with the trainers/facilitators and all students is encouraged. No question should ever be withheld by the learner/student. Class dialog can be lively and will confront contemporary workplace issues and leadership principles are promoted.

Question: So how do the On Base Leadership trainers deliver the material and teach in the class I may attend?

Answer: Focusing on best practices on specific topics at hand is explored to the maximum where possible, so not a boring lecturing format. There will be a mix of material, audio and video, (yes we use music), breakouts, handouts, out of your seat exercises, pre-reading, questionaires or surveys. 

Question: I read somewhere that sometimes On Base leadership uses full movies in classes?

Answer: Sometimes yes, when useful and appropriate, depending on the length of the class. Much can be learned and examined with the stimulus of videos and an occasional movie. Adults learn in many ways and visually connecting to learn points can be highly effective.

Question: I heard that there may be pre-reading of an article before the class?

Answer: Yes this is frequently a technique that our Facilitators may apply if there is a benefit to the attendee. Usually the article for the attendee to read is posted on our website or sent directly to the attendees email and typically can be accomplished with an hour or so of light reading.

Question: Will I leave with material to assist me with reviewing what I learned? Is there material provided?

Answer: Yes all attendees are provided with a course outline, learning goals and class objectives. A complete syllabus with supporting information is provided to each attendee and depending on the choice and length of the training topic, there a comprehensive binder of material and frequently a CD of the material is provided.

Question: What can I do if I register for a class on-line and later I realize I have a conflict and can't attend?

Answer:  Once you have paid for your class through our Shopping Cart feature, you may contact us to make arrangements to reschedule to a new date or request a refund.  Contact us at info@onbaseleadership.com as soon as you discover a conflict with attendance. Refunds outside of 5 business days of the scheduled training are made at 100%. Inside of 5 days notice only 50% can be refunded.

We want you to have fun while you learn, and we think you'll want to come back for more!

All of our training is designed to offer students the most comfortable adult learning atmosphere, starting with seating arrangements, refreshments and supplied materials to guide you along your learning journey.

If you still have questions send us an email. Complete the CONTACT FORM to send us your email.