Our Services

On Base Leadership has a full range of services available for customized staff training, executive coaching and workshops. Our primary objective is to enhance and develop staff skills and guide personnel with appropriate responses in their interactions, attitudes and relationships.

 Assist your employees with going north and pointing them in the right direction. In today's world the best trained, most effective and peak performing employees are truly valuable and must be retained. Untrained employees can cause a major negative impact in your company's profits. Lack of training investment in your talent could be one of the major factors why they are underperforming. On-going training for all employees, new or seasoned is a must and will help your "bottom line".

Our flexible customized and comprehensive training programs can enable your organization to make training affordable. Let us answer your training needs today! We offer a variety of comprehensive developmental topics for your employees, supervisors and managers.

On-site or off-site training is facilitated by professional and experienced trainers bringing your staff the most cost effective solution possible. Additional training topics may be identified in conjunction with a company's ownership or at management direction and guidance.

How We Do It:

Our Objectives - Providing on-site classroom training to individuals and teams in the workplace. Workshops on Leadership, Supervision and Management are offered frequently in both Northern and Southern California.  Customized topics are available as needed for the continuing development and enhanced proficiency of your organization's staff. 

Our Goals - The primary goal of employee training is to provide your employees with alternative thinking, enhanced verbal and workplace skills and to help with improving outcomes. Our goal is to provide in depth interactive classroom training that will lead to improved team performance, confidence for supervisors when working with their teams and opening up opportunities for your organization's hidden talent. Regardless of your organization's primary objective, the purpose of personnel training is to offer viable options and create alignment with policy, protocols and the evaluative processes when delivering service to your customers. Y

Your company gets one chance at customer satisfaction and in most cases, it's through the actions of your employees. Primary training goals enable and instill employee confidence and re-assurance that performance is what it should be... exceptional, regardless of the industry.

Our Solution - Our training workshops may be presented in smaller groups for scheduling purposes or if available, together with the entire staff. Training frequency is flexible based on the customer needs; varied topics may be presented over a period of weeks or months as desired. Many organizations, whether in private business, government, education or non-profit may have significant limitations for utilizing an internal solution for personnel development. Customizing and on-site training works very well. Topics such as Leadership Essentials, Supervising for Success, Employee Evaluations and Counseling, Emotional Intelligence, Customer Service and Team Building are routinely available. See tab "classes" for a  listing.

Our Methodology - The Facilitator assigned to provide the training will always utilize adult learning techniques; which means specific consideration will be factored into any classroom dialogue, written material, videos, surveys or other learning instruments etc. It is a known fact that adults need information and learning presented in a different manner than younger learners. We view this in the highest regard so that your organization's personnel may learn new material or receive the structured lesson plans facilitators provide in the most effective way. Active student participation is encouraged, because it enhances productive dialogue and creates a fun and comfortable learning environment where the student believes they are gaining a new perspective and adding to their professional tool box.

At On Base Leadership one of our benchmark goals is to measure results and know how your staff was impacted through our services. Thoughtful brief surveys are utilized. Measuring outcomes after the training is valuable and helpful for our customer and our trainers. Questionnaires, classroom and facilitator evaluations are utilized on each training event. Follow-up surveys are frequently utilized depending on the preferences of the customer.

Current Class locations: If you don't see a location that meets your needs, please contact us today.