GovernmentOn Base Leadership brings over 50 years of public sector experience to service your organizational needs. Customized training is our specialty. Depending on your organizations size, on-site training may be your preference to avoid expensive travel costs typically associated with employee development programs. We can also arrange for training at a location near you. 

Additional services such as confidential investigations, management analysis, reviews and systems audits are also available.

A sample of our programs which may be brought to you by arrangement:

        ·         Customer Service

       ·         Change Management

·         Preparing for Promotions

·         Supervisory Influence

·         Management and Transition

·         Meeting Management

·         Conflict Resolution

·         Dealing With Difficult People

·         Dealing With Hostile and Rude Customers


        Team Building Workshops specific to the needs of your staff    

      • Human resources experience in all phases of government employment